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Hi I’m Lanty

Well hello there, welcome to my little website all about my Leeds Wedding Photographer funky photo services. I guess if you are reading this it’s because you have taken a pretty big step and decided to get hitched, say ‘I DO!’ and of course live happily ever after!

Now comes the hard part, the months of planning/organising, invite envelope licking, speech writing and… looking for the perfect photographer to help capture the awesome, blink and you miss them moments from your special day… Look no further, I can certainly help with one of those things.

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leeds wedding photographer
leeds wedding photography

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leeds wedding photographers
wedding photographers leeds
wedding photography leeds

More than just your everyday wedding photographer

Fun and Creative wedding photography

Who said wedding photography had to be just the staged, boring family formals? I love to shoot documentary, creative wedding photography waiting for the moments to reveal themselves knowing when they happen I will be there to capture them.

Don’t get me wrong, I still photograph all those shots but when they are all said and done I sit back, camera at the ready and wait for tears, laughs and precise but important moments to reveal themselves naturally. Check out my speeches photos and you will see what Im talking about!

I specialise in Leeds Wedding Photography but my camera has seen me travel over hills and across rivers photographing happy couples on their wedding day.

Thoughts and Love from my couples

Leeds Wedding Photography

So you’re getting married

Ok enough of the joking around, if you are getting hitched and are on the lookout for a Leeds Wedding Photographer then lets see how I can help. I would love to part of your special wedding day so please say hello, let’s photograph some awesome images and without one word of a doubt, lets have one heck of party. Please get in touch via my contact page and tell me all about your wedding day plans!

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