Frequently Asked Questions

Do you just do weddings in Leeds?

A large part of my job as a wedding photographer is spending time on the road, travelling across the UK to explore and capture beautiful amazing weddings. While I am based in Leeds and specialise in Leeds Wedding Photography I am happy to travel to photograph your wedding day. Just get in touch and tell me all about your wedding.

I want to book, what happens next?

So you have made the decision that I’m your man (women) and are wondering what you need to do do to secure your wedding date, well first of get in contact via the enquiries page. I will send over a booking form which combined with a 25% deposit will mean you special day is reserved and we can get started on planning what photos you want me to capture!

What happens after the wedding day?

After your wedding I will go away and start editing your amazing wedding down into a nice to look at wedding package. It usually takes me about 4 weeks from start to finish. My standard wedding package includes the ‘first look’ a little photo slideshow of a few of your wedding photos.

Can I print my photos

Sure! Unlike a lot of photographers, you can do absolutely whatever you want with your wedding photos. Want to order of photobook and save a bit of money? Knock yourself out! Want me to create an awesome wedding album, awesome, I can do that too. You have complete control over all of your images.

How much does it all cost?

You can find out more information on my prices page or contact me directly on hello[at]

Are you all insured and legal?


What if it rains and pours?

Well it rains and pours to start off with. For me shooting your wedding is something that I will love whether its pouring down with rain or gloriously sunny. The most important thing is that you dont let it ruin your day. I will always be able to get the shots you want as long as everyone is having a brilliant time.

Do you make back ups?

Yes of course, throughout your day I will be using 2 cameras to ensure there is always another version of your photographs, I will also use several cards throughout the day and of course make double sure that I back up all your images onto many hard drives. I recently paid a quite substantial sum to stores versions of my work in Fort Knox.