Mo & Sarah

One of the highlights of my wedding season this year was Mo and Sarah’s stunning Hodsock Priory wedding. Getting to photograph their beautiful wedding was a real joy and I just hope they like the photos as much as their wedding day.

What I like the most about a Hodsock Priory wedding is getting to photograph at a historic and luxury country house knowing that capturing the couple in such a beautiful surrounding only makes my job that little bit easier. The award-winning wedding venue is located on the border of Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire, with acres of beautiful gardens perfect for the wedding photo shoot and beautiful architecture, specifically it’s signature Gate House that sits at the grand entrance of the wedding venue. Hodsock Priory is a perfect wedding venue if you want to host a fun, classic and family-friendly wedding.

Mo and Sarah had the venue exclusively to themselves for the entire day. The beautiful bride Sarah stayed in The Blue Room with her bridesmaids the night before. Her hair and makeup was done in the Bridal Suite on the morning of her big day and I was lucky to arrive early to capture her getting ready and putting on her gorgeous wedding dress. I was also able to capture Mo, the groom enjoying the beautiful British weather outside the hall while waiting for the ceremony.

The ceremony was hosted in The Panelled Hall, a traditional aisle and row style wedding room with classic family portraits and elegant wallpaper for decor. The bride and her dad entered the ceremony room from the Grand Staircase allowing me to capture them both in all their glory.

The couple specifically asked for a relaxed, modern approach to their wedding photography, so I mainly clicked for candid shots, capturing the moment rather than posing for staged photographs.

How to get the best Hodsock Priory Wedding Photos

If you’re planning to get married at this elegant venue, there are some tips I want to share with you to make your big day even more special knowing that you are getting the best possible photos from the day.

Explore the beautiful gardens and scenary

Don’t be afraid to get your wedding gown and shoes dirty after the ceremony or a little later in the day. There are so many amazing locations for you to explore with your the other special half. Sarah even took her shoes off and went with her bare feet! Your wedding photographer will thank you for the opportunity to take photos in the venues stunning locations.

Try an outdoor Shisha Bar

This is one of the most amazing wedding activities the Bride and Groom has arranged. Imagine all guests just sitting outside on the grass, chatting and enjoying themselves with their favourite shisha flavour. That’s one awesome way to celebrate your wedding party. Yes, I know, very unique but it really was a great opportunity to capture some great natural shots of everyone having a real relaxed and fun time.

I just want to say a huge thanks to Hodsock Priory and of course, Mo and Sarah for letting me be part of their special day. It rocked and I am glad you love the photos as much as I do!

Tempted to have your very own Hodsock Priory wedding and looking for the perfect photography? Get in touch with me via my contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible with my availability.

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